Since I discovered music in later childhood, I was hooked to the opened possibilities of expression. Always having been an avid writer, I began combining my newly found guitar skills, and then voice, with my love for writing stories and poetry. Those personal songs remained private and I focused on singing and playing in church, choirs, and vocal jazz, and honing skills in guitar, voice, and piano. It wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I decided to share my music with the world- raw and imperfect as it was. This is where things changed.

I believe in the power of vulnerability and expression as a pathway to healing- this is what it has been for me and I wish to share this with others. My influences vary from gospel to rock with some jazz vocal stylings habitually thrown in. My sound is hard to define, but settles somewhere in the indie rock spectrum, just a bit softer and feminine. With my song writing, you can expect raw lyrics that range from diary entries to a playful use of figurative language to define abstract ideas. This is all carried out with my rich, warm, and resounding vocals that, as a fan put it, “wakes up a sleeping soul”.

Musical Influences:

Eisley, Future of Forestry, Switchfoot, MUTEMATH, Asian Kung Fu Generation, a bit of Paramore, my years in Vocal Jazz ensemble, Kishi Bashi, countless lo-fi stations and playlists, the hours and hours I played DDR in my teen years, Koji Kondo, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Daft Punk (Tron: Legacy score), Vaporwave genre, World Music (various percussion and East Asian stringed instruments),

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Entertainment and Performances. Collaboration (lyrics, music, and vocals). Commissioned Music. Music for video games, film, or other multimedia projects. Podcast and Youtube video music. Rates TBD during initial correspondance.

I can easily play shows in Sacramento county and surrounding counties, anything outside of that will take special consideration. I can remotely do commissioned music!

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